Coin Update 2/18/22 4:40pm EDT


  • **MARKET DUMPS MORE** All markets did dump a bit more today while BTC price went into the $39k level and ETH went into the $2.8k level. Market started out looking a bit positive in the ALTs until after the 9am hour in the USA took over and the slide was on from there. Stay alert and trade wisely & safely!!! 🙂
  • **WEEKLY CHALLENGE** Looks like Prince will likely win this week’s challenge with a best time for 10% gains at 33hrs 35minutes… 🙂 While there are a couple of hours left in the challenge week, it will be a bit difficult for the late players to catch up unless we see a major spike in their coins. Stranger things have happened, tho… LOL…  Good luck Princess & Maxine!!! 🙂 
  • **CHANGES TO TA’S** (UPDATE) To Jane, Rish & Celestie. While I have not been able to adjust the TAs just yet, you can still continue to trade in them until I am able to get things switched around. I would like you to continue to get practice as much as possible despite my upcoming changes mentioned. 🙂 Prince, I will set aside a special week of training for you since you have been without a balance to work with after the hack of November 2021. Aira, I will be working with you also on getting started in your training this upcoming week.
  • **PI NETWORK** Please see the new “Pi App Main Tasks” button below to access the page for getting all tasks completed. I have also added a new button in that page today for getting your “Lockup Rates” configured



  • USD – all funds are back into USD/USDT at the moment
  • SOS – (Kucoin) current swing trade after rebuys at average price of 0.00000256 USDT; current loss -13.28%; still awaiting recovery rally to get my lost funds back…
  • RACA/USDT – Trade history to date…
    • original average buy 8/28/21~9/6/21 0.00053556 USDT; sold 12/13/21 at 0.00325 USDT for 607% profit
    • bought on 12/13/21 at 0.00308 USDT; sold 1/30/22 at 0.00308 USDT for loss of -33.21%
    • bought on 2/13/22 average of 0.00197435 USDT; sold 2/17/22 at 0.00205866 USDT for 4.27% profit
    • bought on 2/17/22 average of 0.00193470 USDT; sold 2/18/22 at 0.00188491 USDT for loss of -2.57%; bought back in 2/18/22 at 0.00193382 USDT; current loss -2.79%

**MY CHALLENGE PICK** SOS – my 10% gain was reached in 74:55 in my round 2. LOL. Good luck everyone!!! 🙂

Special Notes

If you have an questions or coin that you’d like me to review and post if it is a good trading coin, please send me a DM with the coin name and why you are interested in it 🙂

Happy trading and best of profits to you!!!