Support & Resistance Challenge – Round 1

Welcome to the Support & Resistance Challenge - Round 1

This week, a daily challenge to learn support and resistance on market charts will be posted. It will consist of using MA (moving average) lines and trend lines.

There will be a total of 5 rounds starting on 9/14/21 8:00pm EST and will run thru 9/19/21. You will have 23 hours to submit your entry each day. The 24 hour clock starts at 8pm EST or 8am PHT each day and ends at 7:59pm EST or 7:59am PHT. Each round has 5 questions. Each normal question is worth 10 points each and question marked (BONUS:) are worth 20 points each.

Your overall points scored will get your leaderboard ranking among all participants.

The prizes for this overall 5 day challenge are:

  • 1st place - 100k sats
  • 2nd place - 75k sats
  • All others - 50k sats

NOTE 1: Prizes will be paid equivalent to sats using either DGB or XLM which you can trade for BTC or USDT at your own choice.

NOTE 2: You must have challenge submissions for all rounds to qualify for any prizes awarded listed above. If you miss any rounds, you will be paid 20 FLR tokens for partially participating.

Go For It...


NOTE: READ THE KEY NOTES on every question!!! This will be the only hints given. Use the pics and links in any of the questions to help you select the correct answer. 

IMPORTANT: If you need to see a chart pic larger, you can zoom the page on your phone to get a better view. The webpage pics are just too small for many to see. If you do click an image, it will open in a new tab/window. Simply close that tab when done and tap the tab you had the quiz in to resume.

Best of learning to you all & most of all, have fun!!! 🙂

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